Catalog of U.S. Scopitones (S-Series)

The S-Series Scopitone films were made by Harman-ee Productions in Los Angeles, a company owned by Debbie Reynolds. Most of the S-Series films were made in dye-transfer Technicolor, with the exception of
S-1000 through S-1004 and S-1016, which were printed in Eastmancolor (and are now rapidly turning red).

S-1000 Molly Bee "Johnny Liar"
S-1001 Barbara McNair "The Best is Yet To Come"
S-1002 Chris Crosby "Oh Lonesome Me"
S-1003 Barbara McNair "The Other Side of the Tracks"
S-1004 The Condors "Ain't That Just Like Me"
S-1005 Della Reese "Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey"
S-1006 Mary Kaye "Toreador"
S-1007 Jane Morgan "C'est Si Bon"
S-1008 Jane Morgan "Under Paris Skies"
S-1009 Greenwood County Singers "Cake Walkin' Baby"
S-1010 Kay Starr "Around the World"
S-1011 Kay Starr "Wheel of Fortune"
S-1012 Debbie Reynolds "We'll Sing in the Sunshine"
S-1013 Debbie Reynolds "If I Had A Hammer"
S-1014 January Jones "I've Got The World On A String"
S-1015 January Jones "That Old Gang Of Mine"
S-1016 Billy Lee Riley "High Heeled Sneakers"
S-1017 Stacy Adams (with the Curtis Lee 5?) "Pussycat A-Go-Go"
S-1018 Freddie Bell & Roberta Linn "Tweedlee Dee"
S-1019 Freddie Bell & Roberta Linn "For You"
S-1020 Bobby Vee "Pretty Girls Everywhere"
S-1021 Bobby Vee "The Night Has A Thousand Eyes"
S-1022 Jody Miller "Queen of the House"
S-1023 Jody Miller "The Race Is On"
S-1024 James Darren "Because You're Mine"
S-1025 Joi Lansing "The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else"
S-1026 Lou Rawls "Three O'Clock in the Morning"
S-1027 Back Porch Majority "The Mighty Mississippi"
S-1028 Shani Wallis "Bless Them All"
S-1029 Vic Damone "Lost and Found"
S-1030 Buddy Greco "The Lady is a Tramp"
S-1031 The Legendaires "Good For Nothing Bill"
S-1032 Frankie Randall "Yellow Haired Woman"
S-1033 Sonny King "I Cried For You"
S-1034 The Hondells "Sea Cruise"
S-1035 Hanna Ahroni "Padam, Padam"
S-1036 Sue Raney "Before the Rain"
S-1037 Damita Jo "Silver Dollar"
S-1038 Vikki Carr "Everything I've Got"
S-1039 Ethel Ennis "I've Got That Feeling"
S-1040 Barry Young "One Has My Name"
S-1041 Princess Leilani & Alex "Keep Your Eyes On The Hands"
S-1042 Princess Leilani & Alex "Smoldering Drums"
S-1043 Bobby Rydell "Bellazza"
S-1044 Dick & Dee Dee "Where Did All The Good Times Go?"
S-1045 Gale Garnett "Where Do You Go To Go Away?"
S-1046 George McKelvey "My Teenage Fallout Queen"
S-1047 Brook Benton "Mother Nature, Father Time"
S-1048 Marian Montgomery "Just A Dream"
S-1049 Ike Cole Salutes His Brother Nat King Cole
S-1050 Timi Yuro "If"
S-1051 Billy Eckstine "Prime Of My Life"
S-1052 Merle Kilgore "Five Card Stud"
S-1053 Joi Lansing "The Silencer"
S-1054 Andy Russell "Enamorado"
S-1055 Frank Sinatra, Jr. "Love For Sale"
S-1056 Donna Theodore "Femininity"
S-1057 Joi Lansing "The Web Of Love"
S-1058 January Jones "Lazy River"
S-1059 January Jones "I Love Being Here With You"
S-1060 Della Reese "If I Never Get To Heaven"
S-1061 Barbara McNair "Irma La Douce"
S-1062 Neil Sedaka "Calendar Girl"
S-1063 Gary Lewis & The Playboys "Little Miss Go-Go"
S-1064 Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass "Tijuana Taxi"
S-1065 Lou Rawls "St. Louis Blues"
S-1066 Donna Theodore "Experience Unnecessary"
S-1067 Lesley Gore "Wonder Boy"
S-1068 April Stevens & Nino Tempo "Land of A Thousand Dances"
S-1069 Jody Miller "Things"
S-1070 Gale Garnett "Small Potatoes"
S-1071 Vic Dana "Most Unusual Day"
S-1072 Bobby Vee "Baby Face"
S-1073 Marilyn Maye "Cabaret"
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