Catalog of U.S. Scopitones (C-Series)

When Jack Cameron Gordon took over Tel-A-Sign (the U.S. manufacturer of Scopitone) in 1967, his Cameron Films International began distributing some of the later French films and a few other films that he may have commissioned himself.

C-100 Michel Polnareff "Love Me, Please Love Me"
C-101 Ricardo "Étrangers Dans La Nuit" ("Strangers in the Night")
C-102 Les Parisiennes "L'Argent Ne Fait Pas Le Bonheur" ("Money Doesn't Buy Happiness")
C-103 Betty Mars "Le Chevaliere d'Amour" #1 ("Prince of Love")
C-104 Procol Harum "A Whiter Shade of Pale"
C-105 Roger Stefani Dancers "The Flame"
C-106 Roger Stefani Dancers "Sweet Georgia Brown"
C-107 Trio Athenée "Oh Yeah"
C-108 Crazy Horse Saloon Dancers "Touch Down Girls"
CX-109 Betty Mars "Le Chevaliere d'Amour" #2 ("Prince of Love")
C-110 Virginia Vee "Modesty Blaise"
C-111 Dick Rivers "Mon Ami Lointain" ("My Friend From Far Away")
C-112 Roger Stefani Dancers "N'Importe Quand" ("Any Time")
C-113 Noel Cordier "Cheese"

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