Catalog of U.S. Scopitones (D-Series)

D-Series films were made for the Scopitone jukebox by Continental Cinema in North Miami, Florida, starting in 1966. All of the D-series films that I have seen are on Eastman stock and are in various stages of turning red.

D-501 Ray Anthony & The Bookends "Winchester Cathedral"
D-502 Ozel Turkbas "Daughter of the Nile"
D-503 Diane Wisdom "More"
D-504 Bernice Olive "Night Train"
D-505 Misti Walker "Love"
D-506 unknown
D-507 unknown
D-508 Faith Flury "Down By The Riverside"
D-509 unknown
D-510 Peggy Jo Carswell & Ben Burch "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" OR Cheryl Nason "What A Difference A Day Makes"
D-511 Sharlene Rae "Ipanema Beach Girl"
D-512 Valera Scott "Besame"
D-513 Ozel Turkbas "Bedevilled Belly Dancer"

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