Catalog of U.S. Scopitones (K-Series)

The K-Series films for the Scopitone were made in 1968 by Kelmar Film Productions, Inc. of New York. The Kelmar films that I have seen are usually on Eastman stock, although some are on Agfa stock or on an unmarked color film stock that has acquired a slight sepia cast over time.

200K Unknown
201K Unknown
202K Sha-Ha "Belly Dancer"
203K Unknown
204K The Brooklyn Bridge "Little Red Boat by the River"
205K Unknown
206K Unknown
207K Unknown
208K Cavril Payne "Only Yesterday"
209K Joy Duval "The Horse"
210K Kane Mutiny
211K Don Cornell "It Isn't Fair"
212K Don Cornell "I'm Yours"
213K The Salt Water Taffy "Sticks 'N Stones"
214K Unknown
215K Freddy Bee 4 "Can't Take My Eyes Off You"
216K Unknown
217K Unknown
218K Casualeers "When I'm In Your Arms"
219K Female Impersonator
220K Unknown
221K Ink Spots "It's A Sin To Tell A Lie"
222K Unknown
223K Unknown
224K Adam Wade "Ruby"
225K Unknown
226K Unknown
227K The Hassles "I Hear Voices"
228K Sunny Gale "Smile"
229K Unknown
230K Fran Warren "Hey There"
231K Unknown
232K Don Rondo "White Silver Sands"
233K Don Rondo "Two Different Worlds"
234K The Tokens "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"
235K The Tokens "Animal"
236K Paula Wayne "It's A Happening World"
237K Paula Wayne "Yours Till Tomorrow"

238K Lillian Briggs "I Want You To Be My Baby"
239K Unknown
240K Lou Monte "When Washington Crossed the Delaware"
241K Unknown
242K Smokey Warren "Where The Red River Flows"
243K Smokey Warren "Out Behind the Barn"
244K Unknown
245K Billy Daniels "That Old Black Magic"
246K Unknown
247K Unknown
248K Unknown
249K June Valli "People"
250K Unknown
251K Unknown
252K Unknown
253K Dick Roman "Now Is The Hour"
254K Unknown
255K Unknown
256K Unknown
257K Clark Terry "Dancing On The Grave"
258K Lady Godiva "What Is Wrong With My World"
259K Unknown Artist "Charleston"
260K Sonny Campbell "Prison"
261K Sonny Campbell "Heart Break Helene"
262K Ben E. King "Spanish Harlem"
263K Unknown
264K Vic Ventura "I Taught Her Everything She Knows"
265K Unknown
266K The Glories "Don't Dial My Number"
267K Unknown
268K Unknown
269K Bunny Parker "A Man And A Woman"
270K Unknown
271K Unknown
272K Unknown Artist "Autumn In New York"
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