Other French-Made Scopitones (GE-Series)

These films are a mystery to me, but I believe they were made by Cameca in France in the late 1960s, after the CA-Series films. It is possible that these are 16mm prints of super 8mm films made for the Cinematic film jukebox, a competitor of Scopitone. If you have more information, please contact me.

GE-700 unknown
GE-701 unknown
GE-702 unknown
GE-703 unknown
GE-704 unknown
GE-705 unknown
GE-706 unknown
GE-707 unknown
GE-708 unknown
GE-709 unknown
GE-710 unknown
GE-711 unknown
GE-712 unknown
GE-713 unknown
GE-714 unknown
GE-715 unknown
GE-716 unknown
GE-717 unknown
GE-718 Maurice Larcange "Le Petit Bal Du Samedi Soir" 1er Partie
GE-719 Maurice Larcange "Le Petit Bal Du Samedi Soir" 2é Partie
GE-720 unknown
GE-721 Ballet Jackson "Fiesta Hippy 1er Partie"
GE-722 Ballet Jackson "Fiesta Hippy 2é Partie"
GE-723 Unknown artist "Dolorosa"
GE-724 unknown
GE-725 unknown
GE-726 Fernand Raynaud "L'automobiliste"
GE-727 Fernand Raynaud "Tonton Pouquoi Tu Tousse"
GE-728 Adamo "Sois Heureuse Rose"
GE-729 Jean-François Michael "Je Pense a Toi"

GE-730 unknown
GE-731 Françoise Hardy "Point"
GE-732 unknown
GE-733 unknown
GE-734 Michel Fugain "Le Soleil" ("The Sun")
GE-735 Julien Clerc "Mon Coeur Est Un Volcan"
GE-736 Les Charlots "Merci Patron"
GE-737 Sheila "Les Rois Mages"
GE-738 Croquito "Salvador"
GE-739 Henri Salvador "Quand On Travaille"
GE-740 Zoo "Hard Times"
GE-741 Martin Circus "Je M'eclate au Senegal" ("I Exploded in Senegal")
GE-742 Jean-François Michael "Je Veux Vivre Apres De Toi"
GE-743 Michel Delpech "Pour Un Flirt"
GE-744 unknown
GE-745 unknown
GE-746 Vicky Anderson "Yesterday"
GE-747 unknown
GE-748 unknown
GE-749 unknown
GE-750 Miriam Makeba "Pata Pata"
GE-751 unknown
GE-752 Gilbert Montanier "The Fool"
GE-753 Eddy Mitchell "C'est Facile"
GE-754 unknown
GE-755 unknown
GE-756 Amalia Rodrigues "Lisboa"
GE-757 unknown
GE-758 unknown
GE-759 unknown
GE-760 unknown
GE-761 Titanic "Sultana"
GE-859 Dahmane El Harrachi "Mazalna Hiva Hexine"
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